Mission Assurance COOP

MACOOP-pageMission Assurance Continuity of Operations (COOP) involves maintaining current readiness plans, policies, and procedures, and a sustained capability to support host installation mission requirements. MA COOP consists of risk management activities, effective execution of emergency management plans, coordination and execution of MA COOP related training, meetings, evaluations, and exercise evolutions.  In addition, it includes maintaining an on-site facility access control presence at designated command locations.

  • Provide on-site facility access control support at designated locations
  • Write, review, and update MA COOP related orders, directives, plans, policies, and procedures
  • Train and evaluate designated government employees on their specific Mission Assurance COOP roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct tailored Mission Assurance COOP program self-assessments
  • Execute Mission Assurance risk management process requirements
  • Develop and maintain effective plans and preparedness for dealing with potential man-made or natural threats and hazards
  • Prepare and present exercise and evaluation modules, designed to test the governments readiness capabilities when responding to current Mission Assurance COOP emergency, threat, or hazard events.
  • Evaluate current Mission Assurance COOP emergency management processes, emergency action plans, and reconstitution plans and procedures.