Aviation Modeling and Simulations Analyst

The Aviation Modeling and Simulation Analyst reports to and receives work direction derivatives from the Project Manager and the site lead. The Aviation Modeling and Simulation Analyst will perform the following duties:

• Participate in various exercise concept development, planning and curriculum review conferences.
• Participate in and conducts reviews and structured walk-through of simulation events and training, operation orders and plans, and information gathering requirements.
• Project management of entire exercise cycle from start to finish and provide, document, and archive after action reviews and lessons learned.
• Coordinate with command and staff leadership to develop and implement training objectives.
• Participate in and conducts reviews and structured walk-through of simulation events and training, operation orders and plans, and information gathering requirements.
• Operate, provide instruction, and maintain various simulation models with respect to billet assignment, and contractor’s personal military background.
• Study classified material and sanitizes to a lesser classification level for entry into a model, simulation or report.
• Provide analysis of a functional area (aviation) and identify strengths and weaknesses as they occur during a simulation-supported event.
• Conduct research and command coordination to ensure currency in composition, disposition and strength of military forces for a model/simulation.
• Provide analysis of emergent trends, tactics, and techniques for scenario development.
• Replicate real world or fictional enemy and friendly force structures into an exercise simulation database.
• Edit doctrinal manuscripts, analyzes problem areas, and postulate feasible solutions for simulation and training events.
• Create audience scaled training based on billets and or training objectives.
• Maintain and revise training based on software upgrades.
• Review and test simulation software providing pertinent feedback to software developers.
• Provide analysis during exercises and attends conferences and meetings at both the resident site and other locations off-site.
• Assists in reviewing classified material and recommends a lesser classification for use in events, models simulations, demonstrations, reports, and/or briefings.
• As new simulation models or upgrades to current simulation models are introduced, the M&S section is required to train; operate, maintain the functional areas of the new model or upgrade.
• Provide analysis of simulation technologies against stated requirements.
• This includes drafting test plans, conducting tests, publishing test results, and maintaining and archiving of simulation-based training scenarios including organizational databases, tactics, weapon system capabilities, doctrine, and force structures for use in preparation of strategic or tactical exercises.
• Document the salient properties of the system(s) being evaluated and their relevance to Marine Corps or Joint training.
• Translate operations orders into simulation databases.
• Conduct pre-event tests and evaluation of supporting databases, and parametric data.
• Conduct post-event critique and analysis employing various after-action review systems.
• Perform other related duties incidental to the work described.

• Civilian Education.
• Bachelor’s degree in operations research, management, military science, political science or equivalent area desired or minimum three years-experience in military training and education required.
• Military Education.
• Minimum three years-experience in military training and education.
• Attendance at Intermediate Level School such as Marine Corps CSC or completion of equivalent nonresident course is preferred.
• Formal Schools Instructors Course or equivalent.

• Minimum five years operational experience in aviation operations.
• Minimum three years demonstrated knowledge of military doctrine, tactics, and command relationships at MAGTF or joint/combined command level as measured by actual operational force employment experience.
• Minimum three years of experience participating in and conducting exercises or analysis efforts.
• Direct participation in real world operation is desired.
• Modeling and Simulation Experience. Minimum three years of experience in DOD modeling and simulation, and have previous experience with MTWS, and other simulation models such as CACCTUS, DVTE, JCATS, JSAF, OneSAF, CBS, or JTLS.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Strong communication and presentation skills. Able to read, write, and communicate effectively in English. Able to design and write clear communications and present training programs.
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills
• Excellent organizational, planning and prioritization skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• C4I and technical competencies

• Required to sit for extended periods of time and maintain focus
• Daily travel in local area during work day (including use of personal vehicle)
• Extended work days and weekend work may be required.

• Must have current Secret clearance
• Requires 0% – 25% travel

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